Photos of the Day

A Few Random Photos

A few photos from around or near the old/new Red Cedar Golf Course/Project.

Photos of the Day

A Cloudy Day in Lansing

Had a meeting down in REO Town. Walked from Michigan Avenue down to my meeting.

State Holiday tree and three oversized ordainments.
Tall thin pine tree.
Bike in rack with missing back wheel and seat.  Sign in background: Premises Under Video Surveillance
Not sure this increases my confidence in CCTV as a security measure.
Photos of the Day Sunsets/Sunrises

Walking Home Last Night

Left work a few minutes early last night and enjoyed as I walked across the MSU and caught a bus at a stop on the far side of campus.

Dead vines backlit by orange sunset.
Orange sunset.
Trees backlit by pink sunset. Venus is visible as a white point.
Venus makes an early appearance in the pink sky.
Photos of the Day

Christmas Decorations are Up

Decorative frog tree topper.
Lacking an official tree topper this fierce frog has the honored spot. I think he might have been a birthday present from Leigh Ann?
A small stone gargoyle with a "Santa Hat"
The return of Father Gargoyle Christmas.
Night Photography Photos of the Day

In Detroit Today