Black and White Rusty Metal Utility Cover

Utility Hole Cover Graveyard

Wondering around the edges of the old/new Red Cedar Golf Course/Project found this pile of old utility hole covers and the collars to support them.

The Capital Casting Co. is a name I’ve not seen before (mostly I see ones from East Jordan MI). I suspect this is an older cover.
Black and White Office Still Lifes Shadows

Office Still Lifes

Close up shadow of wire on wall.
Black and White Shadows Wires

Shadow Garden

Between splitting wood, cleaning the fridge (mostly by eating leftovers), and masterfully avoiding writing Christmas New Year cards I never actually left my house/yard yesterday. I did find some nice shadows in the back garden.

Deck rail shadows on deck floor boards.
I liked the crisscrossing of the shadows across the gaps in the floor boards.
Shadow of wire fence on side of porch.
My shadow on side of porch
There was even a shadow photographer.